Tips to Hire the Right Water Slide

A water slide is an ideal means of adding fun in a child’s backyard party. These come in various sizes and designs to cater to the variegated party themes and color schemes or sizes. Finding it can be a little challenging so you need to follow a few pointers to get it right.

Pointers to Consider

No matter what water slide to rent, below are some pointers that will help you in making an informed decision.

  • Easy on the Pocket- Whenever you organize a party, the first and foremost step will be to plan the budget as this way you can decide how much you can invest in the water slide. At times the rental price may be too high due to which you may require to compromise on the quality so that it remains within your budget. When you set a budget, you can shortlist some rental services in order to get one that is within your budget and of good quality.


  • Accurate Design- Today, inflatable water slides are available in a plethora of sizes and designs for public and commercial use and are easily available for rent. Choose a water slide that has the right safety features, namely firm side barriers for ensuring that the little one is safe when they are sliding. Here the quality matters a lot. Most importantly, the design of the water slide must possess that age factor. Water slides which appear as a castle, for instance, will be an ideal pick for kids aged 3-10 years. On the contrary, a water slide that is simple and plain will be an ideal choice for teenagers and older children to enjoy in the water with their fellow friends.


  • Unique Features- Last but not least, it is vital to check the unique features of the water slide. Its weight, for instance, must throw light on its quality. It should be made of a tough material so that it is capable of supporting the kid’s weight and the activity that goes on all through the day. Do not forget to check the slide too. Take into consideration the total kids while selecting it. Single water slides are just perfect for about 8-10 kids, but the number is more, then a double slide or triple slide will be the right choice to cater to the needs of all attending that party.

No matter you select a princess castle, giant slide, or a bounce house, inflatable rentals will always be a kid’s party’s key highlight. But to ensure that this turns out in being a raving success, you need to consider the aforementioned pointers thoroughly and choose a slide that suits your kid’s age. The good news is, today there are many companies that along with offering diverse inflatables on rent also offer DJs, face painting, clowns, puppet shows and more for making the party all the more special and attractive for children. If you are planning to get on a water slide installed for your upcoming party, get in touch with an expert at the earliest.

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