Make Your Garden Your Private Haven With These Secretive Ideas


As technology advances, so does are need for keeping some things private. Our homes and are gardens are just some of the things we try and keep away from prying eyes. Do we succeed? In some cases we do. However, our gardens tend to be the one place we don’t get enough privacy. However, none of us wants to be discouraged from spending time outside. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can make your garden more private. Allowing it to becomes your haven outside, as well as having one behind closed doors.



Grow some hedges

Maybe you get on with your neighbors, but that doesn’t mean you want to be seeing them every five minutes. So sometimes planting hedges bordering your garden is a discreet way for keeping out prying eyes. Hedges can still look great for both sides, but yet they do have a habit of keeping things more private. You could also use hedges to create a little safe haven in your garden. Perhaps at the end of the garden where you are the most exposed.

Plant some selectively placed shrubs and bushes

Hedges are great for creating borders, but that doesn’t mean you are going to stop people from trying to see what you are up to in your garden. So a great little tip is to plant some shrubs and bushes strategically. This could be along patio areas or even along some of the pathways in your front or rear gardens. Shrubs are great along your driveway, adding another element of privacy to your front yard.

Update your fences

One of the easiest ways to add privacy to your garden is to put in a fence. You could even consider privacy fencing instead of the average style of fencing more commonly used. This type of fencing enables no one to look into your garden, not unless they are tall enough to peer over. If you are putting in fencing, it would be recommended to put it in as high as you can get away with. To ensure the investment for privacy is worthwhile. However, when it comes to things like fencing ensure you have a conversation with your neighbors beforehand. Things can get a little nasty if borders aren’t done right or they have a strong view against the fencing being put in.

Make the usable and sociable space close to your home

We all like a place in our garden to to sit, or even a place to socialize and entertain. A patio and a decked area are great for things like this. However, try and consider placing these areas close to the exterior wall of your home. The closer it is, the less likely people can watch through their own windows.

Add a canopy to any patio or decked area

Finally, keep that patio and decked more private by adding a canopy or umbrella. Most of your entertaining or relaxing will be done here, and the last thing you will want is an audience.

I hope this has offered you a few ideas on how to make your garden and outside areas more private.